About Salon

Founded in 1995, Salon is an independent publication covering news and politics through a progressive, nonpartisan editorial lens, alongside our rigorous and inquisitive coverage of culture and entertainment, science and health, and food. Our editorial mission is pro-democracy, pro-equality and justice and pro-truth. We ask and seek to answer in good faith — through original reporting, news analysis, investigations, left-leaning and politically independent commentary, insightful cultural criticism, personal essays and in-depth interviews — big questions, such as: 

  • What is the state of democracy in the United States and the world? 

  • What are the most influential movements across the political spectrum, and where are they going next?

  • Who are the most compelling cultural figures, what are the works that are defining this moment, and why?

  • How did we get to this moment in entertainment, culture, food, science and public health? Where will — or should — we go next?

  • Who is getting ahead in this moment, and who is being left behind or harmed?

  • What political, cultural, scientific and food personalities, topics and movements are worth a deeper dive or a reconsideration?

  • What challenges us in times of complacency? What soothes us in times of hardship?

One of the first entirely digital major media outlets, Salon has driven the national conversation since 1995 through fearless journalism distributed across Salon.com, Salon TV, social media, news platforms, email newsletters and mobile apps. Salon’s award-winning content, including our flagship show “Salon Talks” and other Salon TV programming, reaches an audience of approximately 10 million monthly unique visitors.

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Salon was formerly a publicly traded company under the name "Salon Media Group (SLNM)". In August 2019 the brand was acquired and made private under the new entity "Salon.com, LLC" with the goal of creating a long term sustainable company in the online news space.